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Saturday, August 21, 2010


The first things that we do when we are born is that we cry and never we have asked yourself why?

It is because Satan is the one who touch us first,pinched us.At this stage,our mother take great care of us,feed us and she does not sleep when we are sick.She accepts to sacrifice her sleep because of his child and to take good care,upbringing him with everything he wants,clothes,food,education....

When we have already completed studies;start to work;earn a living and then marry.Very often we forget what our parents did for us,we shout at them,do obey them or help them but just to let them live alone or even leave them in a home.

By the time when the child reached in the same situation,he will then realise how his parents suffered and when our time is up in this world,nothing is left.

Our flesh,bones are rotten and our final destination,that is paradise or hell,is based on our deeds."What we sowed,we reap"!!

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